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Welcome to Canlet

It is with great pleasure and honour that we welcome you to the Cardinal Nsubuga Leadership Training Centre website. Cardinal Nsubuga Leadership Training Centre is a distinctive multi-purpose service centre situated within the proximity of the heart of city. We are committed to offering our services to you for a reason and we have the capacity to open the best moments in your life. While at CANLET, you will feel a great sense of excitement and opportunity because we are embraced with a diversity of interactions and a variety of programs conducted by Caritas Kampala Staff.


The services we offer bring people together in a natural environment. As you consider a place to make your Conferences, Workshops, Trainings and Seminars, Retreats and Parties, we hope CANLET environment will give you a flavour of the breadth opportunities that await you. I invite you to come and find out as much as you can about the services we offer and to remain with us simply because of what you will find most interesting to you. Your experience at CANLET is a journey into personal discovery, personal refreshment, and a moment to equip you with skills and knowledge that you will need for the rest of your life.


CANLET also attracts a number of National and International guests that have always been proud of our Accommodation services. Our peak moments are mainly during summer when we receive guests from UK and U.S.A. These have contributed to the internalisation of our premises giving us the opportunity to continuously offer services that meet their desired standards.




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+2560393111220 +256392176443



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At Nsambya, Next to American Embassy

Cardinal Nsubaga Road

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